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Evolve to Succeed

Jul 12, 2021

Katie Street, founder and managing director of marketing and advertising agency Street Agency, talks about starting a second business, four day weeks and the effects her entrepreneurship is having on her daughter.

Show Notes:

3:24 - Setting out on her own

6:33 - Dream vs. reality of running your own business

10:37 - The challenges of working in a niche sector

14:51 - The importance of a mentor

16:20 - Biggest digital marketing mistakes and how to fix them

20:16 - Digital vs. Traditional marketing

23:19 - Tips on how to stand out from the marketing crowd

28:02 - Advantages of having a podcast

29:34 - Leveraging your content successfully

36:03 - Adapting to challenges of leading your own business

37:42 - Implementing a four-day week

39:51 - Starting a second business

41:49 - Starting a business on your own vs. starting with partners

44:03 - What hard thing are you not doing enough of?

45:15 - Effect of running own business on personal life and daughter

48:44 - On building resilience and getting through tough times

50:09 - Personal definition of success