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Evolve to Succeed

Sep 27, 2021

Your host, Warren Munson, reviews four articles from the Evolve website - ‘3 ways to use fear to your advantage’, 'Is your job title your identity?' ‘Where do old entrepreneurs go to thrive?’ and ‘Know your limits’.

Show Notes:

(2:27) 3 ways to use fear to your advantage

(8:52) Is your job title your...

Sep 20, 2021

Jonnie Jensen is the founder of Team Super Dad and the Hero Academy. He helps busy fathers and husbands strive towards a better life balance by reconnecting with their core purpose, and recover things that have inevitably been lost along their business journeys.

Show Notes:

(2:40) What is Team Super Dad and the Hero...

Sep 13, 2021

Tom Quay is the CEO and co-founder of Passenger, a digital customer experience platform that supports more than 70 public transport operators and whose ultimate goal is to drive sustainability by reengaging and revitalising perceptions around public transport, especially bus travel.

Show Notes:

(2:11) Early beginnings...

Sep 6, 2021

Glenn St John-Colgan, managing director of Augmentas, talks about his years in the civil service, discusses his strong business principles and guides you through the minefield of public sector tendering.

Show Notes:

(3:10) Working in the civil service and how Augmentas came about

(5:33) The changing approach of the...