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Evolve to Succeed

Jul 19, 2021

James Pickles was flying high as a top sales manager, enjoying all the trappings that come with such success. Then, in March 2019, he had a breakdown that left him unable to speak, let alone work. In this podcast, James talks openly about the breakdown and how he used what he learned from it and his subsequent recovery to start a new life as a personal performance coach.

Show Notes:

3:06 - The breakdown

12:38 - The problem of men not opening up

16:29 - Keeping busy and drinking as a way of coping

18:39 - Returning to work shortly after breakdown and subsequent after-effects

30:45 - True breaking point and wearing armour

45:58 - Why we're so reluctant to talk honestly

55:21 - New definition of resilience

58:32 - Attempting to return to work/therapy

1:15:36 - Journey towards coaching

1:18:36 - Any triggers for old habits and mechanisms to use to overcome them

1:25:04 - Relationship with alcohol

1:28:28 - Advice for employers to look after staff

1:32:34 - What I would tell my young self

1:36:38 - Hopes and aspirations