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Evolve to Succeed

Jul 5, 2021

Clare Gallie, CEO of Lewis-Manning Hospice Care, talks about the joys and challenges of working in the fundraising sector and reveals the wisdom she's learned from the dying.

Show notes:

4:47 - From chemistry to fundraising

7:30 - Support for careers in charities and fundraising

9:42 - Differences between leading a normal organisation vs. charity

12:59 - The challenges of leading in an emotionally-charged environment

17:29 - Dealing with being challenged as transformational CEO

19:33 - Self-development

21:17 - Effects of the pandemic on the care sector and fundraising

28:16 - Hardest thing about working in hospice care...

30:04 - ...and the most enjoyable thing

32:26 - Lessons learned from being in the presence of the dying

35:58 - Where do you find your inspiration?

37:29 - The effect of ambition and work on personal life

39:06 - How do you rejuvenate?

40:31 - Dealing with disappointment and being let down

41:41 - Personal definition of success