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Evolve to Succeed

Jun 7, 2021

Sue Campbell, founder of Kind2 - an award-winning solid shampoo and conditioner - talks about leaving many years of secure corporate life behind in the pursuit of creating a sustainable product, as well as a brand that lives its values of kindness and good business practice.

Show Notes:

(00:14) Growing up in Australia, working in New Zealand, Hong Kong and the UK

(2:33) Settling in the UK

(3:25) More demand in the UK for sustainable products

(3:38) What is Kind2?

(5:02) The effect of awards on the business

(6:32) What made you start your own business?

(8:14) Leaving the security of the corporate world

(10:50) Why shampoo bars?

(13:23) Developing the product

(15:32) Tips on being persistent and dealing with rejection

(17:32) Creating a competitive brand

(21:24) Outsourcing expertise that shares the same values

(23:33) Convincing people to convert from ‘normal shampoo’ to shampoo bars

(26:10) Dealing with the challenges of Covid

(28:13) Subscription-based sales vs. through retailers

(30:10) Sustainability as a marketing gimmick vs. sustainability as a true value

(32:53) Five-year plan for Kind2

(34:30) 10-year plan for Kind2

(37:52) The importance of like-minded people

(38:58) Everyday tips on for a more sustainable lifestyle