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Evolve to Succeed

May 17, 2021

In this episode, we look back at three articles from the Evolve blog, covering themes of leadership and change management to work-life balance and the importance of prioritising your wellbeing.

Show notes:

(2:11) Intro to article ‘10 insights and trends for business leadership in 2021’

(2:43) There are no perfect leaders

(4:27) A leader must demonstrate what it means to be a good follower

(5:01) Manage expectations around risk and innovations

(6:11) Understanding different motivations

(7:42) Good leaders should be present

(8:59) Change management

(9:57) Nurturing the social capital of your organisation

(10:56) Transparency and the importance of communication

(12:15) Leadership won’t change, it will evolve

(13:11) Intro to article ‘An alternative solution to the work-life balance problem’

(14:04) The Four Burners theory

(17:30) Prioritise your health

(18:55) Intro to article ‘6 challenges of leadership, and how to overcome them’

(19:27) Impostor syndrome

(20:54) Fear of vulnerability

(21:43) Fear of letting go