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Evolve to Succeed

Aug 30, 2021

Nicky Rudd, founder of Padua Communications, demystifies the minefield of PR & communications, talks about working with her husband and how she went from teacher and journalist to business owner.

Show Notes:

(2:42): Background in teaching and early career in PR

(7:14) Maintaining that teaching spirit with monthly free event for business owners

(8:16) Career at BBC

(12:15) Advantages of volunteering

(13:20) Differences between being business owner and being MD for somebody else

(14:45) Tips for people thinking of getting an MD for their own business

(16:08) Progressing further to opening own agency and employing freelancers only

(20:30) How to create team spirit while only employing freelancers

(22:02) Husband joining business

(24:26) Hints and tips on running business successfully with husband/wife/partner

(26:35) Things every business owners should consider about their PR & comms strategy

(31:37) In-house marketing vs. using an agency

(34:00) Where is PR & comms going in the next ten years?

(38:35) Affects of pandemic on the agency

(40:43) What hard thing are you not doing enough of?

(44:30) How do you build your resilience?

(49:35) Personal definition of success