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Evolve to Succeed

Jun 28, 2021

Martin Smith, managing director of specialist recruitment agency Talent Drive, discusses setting up his first business just before the pandemic hit, the current challenges facing the recruitment sector, and his commitment to personal development.

Show Notes:

(3:05) Background and starting Talent Drive

(6:07) The realities of starting and running your own business

(8:21) Building the brand

(10:02) The value of outsourcing

(11:19) Advice for people thinking of taking the leap

(13:13) Current challenges in the recruitment sector

(16:12) Personal characteristics crucial to success

(17:32) What does being authentic really mean?

(20:13) The challenge of cheaper competitors

(22:36) Nurturing relationships in the pandemic

(25:57) What keeps you up at night?

(27:25) Anything you’d do differently if you started again?

(28:24) Commitment to personal development

(29:58) How has being entrepreneurial affected your personal life?

(32:17) Best piece of advice I’ve ever received

(33:45) What are your most important principles?

(36:08) Personal heroes

(39:33) Advice for people wanting to start their own podcast

(42:34) Where do you see yourself in five years time?

(43:30) My definition of success