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Evolve to Succeed

Jul 26, 2021

Serial entrepreneur Jeff Lester talks candidly about his entrepreneurial life, including the 2008 financial crisis, health issues and starting again after losing everything.

Show Notes:

(3:20) Beginning the journey

(6:44) Setting up a themed restaurant, and subsequent problems

(8:24) Birth of first child and starting all over again

(10:24) New start in property development

(12:06) Why I wasn't content with a good, secure life

(14:47) Responsibilities of being a business owner

(15:46) New book

(16:33) Collapse of property company, broke again and lessons learned

(24:33) Approaching rockbottom 

(28:25) Searching for answers in the US

(32:25) Getting diagnosed with prostate cancer

(34:38) Path to wellness and relationship fallout

(36:42) On resilience

(38:52) The entrepreneurial spirit

(43:14) Where do your ideas come from?

(45:11) Holistic approach to wellness

(47:35) Launching Fit at-50plus

(49:09) Changing views of business and entrepreneurialism

(50:22) The thrill of starting a business

(51:11) Plans for Fit at-50plus

(52:36) Is your definition of success different today?

(53:11) Personal definition of success