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Evolve to Succeed

May 31, 2021

Andy Aitken, co-founder of Honest Mobile, on disrupting the mobile phone sector, bold funding techniques and his plans to create the world's first global mobile network.

Show Notes:

(00:44) Leaving the corporate world to co-found Honest Mobile

(4:11) Co-founding a business with an old school friend

(7:21) Changing the mobile industry status quo

(9:51) Challenges faced in founding Honest Mobile

(13:22) Transforming from a telecoms business to a tech business

(14:06) Scaling customer support

(16:22) Reaction from the big mobile companies

(17:45) Becoming sustainable and fair from the start

(21:48) Honest Mobile’s sustainability credentials drawing interest and jealousy

(23:22) Benefits of being a B-Corp

(26:49) Seeking funding for Honest Mobile

(33:12) Looking back, is there anything you’d change/Learning to apologise

(35:55) What I learned from the corporate environment

(37:14) Winning the World Congress Award for Best Startup

(38:07) Balancing work and home life

(40:25) Future plans for Honest Mobile

(43:42) My definition of success